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amy joy stephens



“I have absolutely enjoyed taking lessons from Amy. To say I have improved as a singer is an understatement. Not only has she helped me find confidence in my own voice, she’s also expanded my technique, taught me the mechanics of the body used in singing, and exposed me to a variety of different music styles and pieces. Amy is kind, patient, and unconditionally supportive of her students. The safe environment she creates has allowed me to shamelessly make mistakes when trying something new or attempting something difficult. Without her guidance, coaching, and friendship, I would be nowhere near the artist I am today.” - Kaylie Kubota

“Taking vocal lessons over the past year has had its challenges with everything being moved online. However, Amy has been incredibly supportive and understanding to her students. I’m grateful for Amy’s ability to communicate clearly with her students especially on a virtual platform. She has helped me become more confident in my singing and has helped me understand more about my instrument.” - Caitlyn Yu

“Amy Joy Stephens is the best teacher I have ever worked with. She is able to listen to what you say and the sounds you produce, analyze and explain what you are doing, and choose or create exercises to help correct the problem or strengthen the skill…She is patient and supportive, and I feel very fortunate to have found her to continue my music training.” - Colleen Fox

“Amy Joy’s one on one classes cater to all levels and aptitude. Amy Joy cultivates and acknowledges the abilities & limitations of each individual student. Her personal experience, education and caliber of instruction surpass many of our past singing instructors. It is a true treasure to meet & be instructed by her.” - Fatima Villacruz (Mother of Angelina Villacruz)

“Amy is everything a student could ask for in a music teacher. She is patient, kind, and encouraging. I have taken lessons with her for years now and my vocal growth has been immense thanks to her guidance.”  - Nikki Ghaemi


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